4 Strategic Ways to Become a More Effective Leader

Updated: Jun 17

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Do you aspire to be a good leader?

You may be feeling scared about the idea. It’s possible that you feel intimidated or think that leaders are born and not created. However, you can develop into a fantastic leader by implementing some easy strategies.

Consider the leaders you know whom you respect. It’s likely they share several common qualities. Here are four easy methods you can use today to improve your leadership for your team.

1. Respect must be earned

Leaders that are good will gain the respect of not just their team, but others as well. They are not afraid to work alongside their team and get their hands dirty when things become difficult.

Leaders that are worth following will not distance themselves from their team by sitting in an office on another floor and simply handing down orders. Strong leaders will take the time to have regular meetings with their team and allow for sessions where knowledge can be shared. Furthermore, they will listen to suggestions and work with their team to hit goals while also achieving the desired outcomes.

2. Learning from your Team

It’s important for good leaders to listen to their teams and learn from them. While leaders have the final responsibility for decisions, they know that everyone’s input is valuable. Strategic decision-making requires everyone’s perspective.

Working closely with your team will give you a better understanding of their strengths and how to best utilize each team member.

3. Share Your Knowledge

A good leader knows that in order to gain respect, she/he must first share her/his own knowledge. Leaders are always looking to learn from their team, and keeping communication open is key to maintaining a cohesive work environment.

Respect is given when it is earned, and a leader earns respect by sharing their valuable perspective with those around them — whether that is through extensive experience or intimate understanding of the situation.

4. Making Good Decisions

Leaders make better decisions when they are comfortable and know their limitations. They understand the skill sets and strengths of their team, as well as how to fill in any gaps.

Sound decision-making comes from knowing the ins and outs of the project, the organization’s culture, and how to get the most out of every team member.

Making good decisions comes down to being aware of the details of the project and the context, understanding how the team and organization work, and knowing how to get the best out of everyone.

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