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Updated: May 17, 2020

In this unprecedented time with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) coaching skills play a pivotal role for managers to manage and navigate through these difficult working conditions.

I had the opportunity this week to connect with great leaders and coaches at the Chicago Virtual Coaching Clinic Licensed Facilitator Program™ (CCLP). The intensive program is loaded with hands-on training, presentations, evaluation, and feedback from seasoned licensed instructors and facilitators.

The program equipped the participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be licensed facilitators to deliver "The 2-days Coaching Clinic™ which provides seasoned and emerging leaders with an easy-to-implement coaching process. Participants learn to generate clear commitments with strong accountability to achieve the results necessary to ignite business performance." (*)

"Human resources professionals, training & development professionals, managers, internal coaches, and business leaders responsible for incorporating and expanding the coaching culture within their organization, from the top down or to the bottom up, attend the Coaching Clinic Program™." (*)

I’m pleased to be a licensed facilitator for the ‘The 2-days Coaching Clinic™’ on a mission to spread and develop a coaching culture in every organization.

I wish to congratulate my fellow learners, friends and program graduates: Trent, Katy; Hobson Peck, Shalley; Archambault, Tim; Jenkinson, Jennifer; Berger, Eva; James, David; Wasden, Michelle; Garcia, Dr. Mario; Gierden, Cassandra; Richter, Karen; Ettenhofer, Andrew; Frye, Kyla; Ward, Kristen.

Tarek Kassar

(*) Source:

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