How to enjoy your job even if you feel stuck?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

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Most of us have been in a dilemma in our professional journey. It may be something you are going through right now. What to do when you feel stuck at work or even doing a job you really dislike?

There is a multitude of reasons for feeling so. It could be because of your company culture, a difficult co-worker, a disaccord with your boss, job responsibilities, and maybe the job position does not bring in the enjoyment, excitement that it used to bring you when you first took the job. Now, for many reasons, you cannot leave your job. So, what can you do?

Solutions to cope with the situation would be:

1. Feeling miserable throughout the day, and make all people around you feel miserable. Such an attitude will harm your colleagues, your valuable customers. Being disengaged with your customers and with your colleagues will affect your company’s Customer Allegiance Score (CAS). So, instead of bringing on new customers and keeping existing customers, you are actually repelling customers working against your company’s mission.

2. The alternative option would be to take the initiative and create meaning in your current work regardless of the current situation you are facing and its circumstances. The creation of meaning in your work will actually lead to happiness. This being said, few people can do it most of the time. The secret lies in having a positive attitude, focusing on the positive thoughts and actions in those difficult circumstances. Finding meaning and happiness are key to move forward, leading to success in these challenging situations. So, you move from where you are to better.

So, how to create meaning and happiness in a job when you feel stuck?

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith suggests breaking the days down into one-hour segments; to imagine yourself in useless, unnecessary meetings and all that they accompanied with it. Imagine that you are at the end of the meeting you are going to be tested with the following four simple questions about how you spent that hour:

Did I do my best to be happy?

Did I do my best to find meaning?

Did I do my best to build positive relationships?

Did I do my best to be fully engaged?

If you knew you were going to be tested after the meeting, what would you do differently to score better on the above four questions? What will be your response?

According to Dr. Goldsmith's interaction with 100’s top executives, the responses were to have a positive attitude and make the meeting interesting instead of waiting for someone else to make them interesting. May be helping the presenter, engage with the audience, make some new connections, pay attention, and do not get distracted by your phone. What do you think?

So, my suggestion to create meaning and happiness in a job when you feel stuck is “to pretend that you are going to be tested every hour” (Dr. Marshall Goldsmith).

By doing so, you’ll be taking care of your heart a mind. If you’re miserable, the misery is yours. Not your boss’s, colleagues’, or your company's. Being engaged, taking responsibility for your positive attitude, contributing to your organization, and creating a happier employee-who is YOU!

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